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It's black womxn, for me ...

"All my life I had to fight." Just like Oprah called it, in the Color Purple.

Great film. Get into it.

The shade of it all

As a black womxn, I have had to navigate through my entire life to date in predominantly white and male spaces. I have done my level best to walk through these aforementioned spaces with nothing but grace, grit and poise but it has not always been easy. Just trying to go about your business in this patriarchal system, simply trying to just do you boo gets quite complicated for varying reasons. Reasons upon which we shall not lend our precious energy to today.

Every once in a while, as a black womxn you'll catch the scent of 'who the fuck does she think she is?' in the air. 

What's that? You may ask. Well ... it's that all too familiar shade that people tend to throw black womxn's way for various reasons. Again, reasons upon which we shall not lend our precious energy to today. High key, deep inside we all be knowing. So...

Trust the vibes you get. Energy doesn't lie.

It is what it is. I don't make the rules. I just live by them. I have had pivotal moments in my life where I peeped game on people deliberately going out of their way to ensure that I took an L. Some of those experiences in retrospect were quite cringeworthy, and laughable now. That's not to say that they weren't annoying, sad, heartbreaking and highly inconveniencing at the time.

Looking back at it though, those were definitely necessary life lessons that I needed in order to catapult me into this current version of myself. The one who does not give you the room to bullshit around. The one who rises above, and moves with love as the core of her intentions while speaking her truth boldly and unapologetically. The one who is fearlessly reclaiming her power and walking unashamedly in her own magic.

The facts...

The bitter truth is that black womxn live in a world that hates to see us winning. It's such a weird concept to me, and I really hate to see it. It really pains some people's spirits to see our beautiful souls shining through with ease and clarity, despite all the odds that have been pinned up against us since time immemorial.

We have as a group, since the dawn of history been the most loving, supportive, nurturing and caring demographic within the human species. We have gone above and beyond for all others, even when we rarely experienced the same reciprocal energy for our boundless efforts. Our bodies, minds and the very essence of our spiritual abundance have been milked endlessly for the longest, but the tide is truly changing.

All hail the matriarchy

Our foremothers bore the brunt of the fuckshit that is sponsored by the perpetuation that has been thee misogyny : a hoax, a sham, a big bad bamboozlement. They endured with such grace and resilience, so that we could be the radiant, strong, beautiful, powerful women we are today. They watered down the potency of the generational trauma that we carry by being ten toes down for the cause, so that we may be our very best selves against slightly less odds. I give thanks for the matriarchy.

My favourite movie is black womxn moving divinely, in the direction of our own happiness. Dancing flawlessly to the beat of our own hearts. Loudly saying "fuck the noise!" to the distractive projections and manifestations of cognitive dissonance on steroids on the part of others, who other us. Choosing ourselves, and not waiting on other people to come and choose us. It really is my favourite film. I watch it everyday with a big old grin across my face.

Love to see it!

I love to see it all. Us, moving more into where the money reside. Us, leaning more into soft life and luxury. Us, realizing, and embodying the true value of our inherent worth. Us, upping the ante, and stepping on the necks of the motherfuckers that never loved us. Us, defying the odds and continuously raising our standards accordingly. Us, rewriting our herstory.

In the very same way that nobody can stop reggae, nobody can stop a black womxn's shine!

A black womxn doing the inner work towards healing and soul integration, constantly shedding and evolving, determined to rise and let you eat the dust from the ashes that you burnt her at the stake in ... is my kinda womxn!

It's black womxn, for me!


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