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Greetings Melanated Light Beings

Dear Beautiful Soul,

I am Dhahabu Kweli, which somewhat translates to golden truth in Swahili.

To be an embodiment of this is my vision and mission, right now.

In this present moment, to be a vessel for truth, growth and healing for us.

Both you and I.

Here to bring back the tea

To be young, black and empathetic is a lot right now.

To carry the heavy mental, psychological, emotional, psychical, generational, spiritual and sometimes physical load on this rock we call Earth within the fibre strands of our beings is hard.

If you’re anything like me, I know you feel it too.

I am writing to heal myself, and by extension maybe help you heal yourself.

You, who has been led here.

It is my prayer and intention, that the words that I write may resonate deeply within your spirit and lead you closer towards your own healing and freedom.

Outta love

This blog is my love letter to myself and to you as well.

My wish is for us to be deeply nourished by the words that Spirit places on my heart to share.

For us to cry it out where we need to.

Slowly but surely rebuild ourselves where we need to.

Heal where it is that we need to and let go of the things that are no longer serving us with grace.

I desire for us to break the cycles of passed down, transferred and projected trauma, and move into our higher selves and become our greatest versions. Whatever that looks like to you personally. To elevate ourselves consciously and tap into the inheritance that

The Almighty destined for us to have with joy in our hearts and boldness in our steps.


To my non-black readers who may have found yourselves here, welcome.

Thank you for being here. It is my hope that you also take what resonates within your own spirit and reflect inwardly on the messages shared and tap into your own healing for yourself, so that we all may be well within our souls and together continue to raise the planetary vibration.

Respectfully, this will make you a better person and ally towards those of us that you love and desire to support in whatever capacity ; in a manner that actively exercises mindfulness at the core.

There is work for us all to do.

I strongly feel that it is time for us to take responsibility, and do it.

Tap in.

In love, and not in fear.

Tap in.

In the pureness of your soul, and not your ego.

Tune into the frequency of love.

That’s what we all need right now.

Love like a flood.

This is for all my black and beautiful sensitive souls out there, wherever you are.

May this transmission reach you, and may we all make it home to ourselves.

Yours with infinite love,

Dhahabu Kweli


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