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GHL is no DHL delivery

The road to true Growth, Healing and Love (GHL) for damn sure is no DHL delivery, friend.

I've been on my spiritual journey for a couple of years now, and the deeper I delve into it the more I realize how non-linear true GHL is. (Yes girl, I just coined up GHL because it sounds cool as heck, and it's much easier to say abbreviated, than in full. Wheeew!)

The whack-ness of it all

Your girl has been through some really whack shit in this life. Like whack WHACK. No cap. I mean, most of us have.

For the most part we just hide it pretty well most of the time due to our deeply engrained societal conditioning.

With that being said though, I am finally in a place where I am open to true healing talking place in my life.

Healing is truly such a loaded concept. More than we may realize looking at it from a glance. The deeper life thrusts me into adulthood and the various responsibilities that come with that, the more I realize that we are for the most part not entirely who we think we are. So many things from the past have been contributing factors to who we are now in the present moment and how we show up to life and the world around us.

Our childhoods and upbringings play such a pivotal part in who we are and how we turn out. We may not really fully grasp the depth of this statement until we begin to realize how the things of old, affect us and how we function and navigate through our adult relationships. All of this on top of life, simply just being life.

Certain experiences also cross our paths and leave us tainted, hurt, bruised, jaded, traumatized and in summary just have us all the way fucked up : because, hey! what's life without a little trauma for seasoning? aka growth, character building, self discovery and soul expansion. Bruh. Make it make sense.

Be gentle with yourself

As difficult as traversing this long and winding road of GHL is, I have heard and seen through other people's testimonies and all round glow ups that things do get better in time. 'This too shall pass' is more than just a cute tattoo idea, and is an actual affirmation of the truth when we find ourselves in the thickest of shits.

I am still neck deep in the intentional unpacking and processing of my own childhood trauma and general life "fuck shit aftermath" also known as, general life trauma as I write this.

I am learning that it is really not a straight line. I am learning that I have to be gentle and patient with myself while I work through it. I am learning that I deserve to eventually manifest the goodness and freedom that comes through doing the work needed to attain real healing.

Most importantly, I am learning that I am not alone in this, the more I align with people, content, synchronicities and things that farther engrave this reality into my own.


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