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Fuck Yo' Haters : A Concept

For real. Fuck 'em.

Real talk. Let's go.

A friend of mine once described haters as confused fans. I couldn't agree more with this definition. These are just folks who are indecisive on whether to love you or hate you, and truly cannot commit to a side on the fence. More often than not, they hate you without even truly knowing why in their heart of hearts. They just convince themselves that they have valid reasons.

Plot twist

Plot twist, sometimes they be hating because they wish they were you or could do the things you do so effortlessly.

I'm bringing church up in here y'all.

Spot it. Take note. Proceed accordingly.

Listen, friend. Hating ass behaviour is a concept in and of itself. Haters beware, I might snatch your wigs off with this one ...okay, sis?


Haters are for the most part projecting their unresolved insecurities about themselves onto you.

Never will they ever admit it to you or themselves.

It is such a deeply rooted, complicated way of thinking on the psychological plane. We just have to observe and be unmoved from the vantage point of our own awareness.

Their fragile egos are threatened by you and the sheer dopeness that you bring to any and every table and thus ... the hateration ensues.

Stay authentic

As an authentic being living your best life in the face of the opps, continue to do you relentlessly. Continue to always lead with love, kindness and good intentions.

Do not stop your healing and winning for their satisfaction. Keep it pushing baby!

Eyes on the prize. You've got this thing in the bag.

Press on.

Fuck 'em.


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