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Back it up for Jesus!

Boundaries are a sometimes dicey topic when it comes to human relationships. I'm a firm believer of leaving ample room for air when things get weird or uncomfortable.

Figuratively, always leave enough room in between for Jesus in every relationship.

This is a new and slowly strengthening personal mantra that I am aspiring to live by.

Simply borrowing from the practice of ventilating warm or hot rooms by letting air in to clear out the accumulated heat.

A little air, ain't never hurt nobody

“Sometimes, we as empathetic people genuinely and truly just need our own space. Am I preaching or am I preaching?

Naturally, being more on the introverted side of the scale, we highly appreciate and value our own company. We are for the most part comfortable being in solitude and do not necessarily require external attention, validation or presence to feel like our best selves.

If I'm being completely honest, we tend to thrive more in seclusion because we have guaranteed peace of mind, which constitutes greatly to our overall wellness and mental health. Another reason being when we are alone, we are only responsible for juggling our own energy and not those of other people when they are within close physical proximity to us.

Reverse the car, immediately!

Listen. Sometimes, you're  just going to have to ask people to "back the fuck up."
Point. Blank. Period. No chaser with that shot. You said, what you said...and you said it with your whole entire chest!

Human beings are a very interesting and diverse species. Trust me when I say, that there is a myriad of subspecies of us out here. Some great and weird in a unique and beautiful kind of way. Some, just plain old annoying and straight up draining.

Can we be real, in here?

Bitch, don't kill my vibe.

Isn't it funny how some folks will expect you to go above and beyond for them, but would not lift a finger for you? This is true with a wide scope of relationships. Boundaries help you let them know where exactly you're unwilling to continue engaging in the unwanted bullshit consumption. To quote the lyrical genius Sir Kendrick Lamar, " Bitch, don't kill my vibe."

Knowing your boundaries allows for you to create a space between you and those around you that honours you. It places you at the forefront of your interactions with others, and ensures that you are not pushed beyond your limitations physically, emotionally, mentally and psychically.

Just like Uncle Kev in this GIF, we're declaring "No, baby. No."

We are letting these individuals know that we are not the ones to be messed around with. Our love and kindness are not gates for people to come in and defile the sanctity of our energetic space.

The lines are being drawn for our own love of self. Respect and trust in all good things meant for us, with or without the presence of others who sometimes want to try us, and push beyond where or what we allow.


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