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Hey! So Glad You're Here.

I'm a currently hiatusing singer-songwriter from Nairobi, Kenya living in New Westminster, British Columbia. Originally known as  Qayqayt First Nation.


All encompassing, artsy, spiritual, Jesus loving, black as they come, creative, mutant internet- wallflower with a flair for words. I am taking a much needed break from societal expectations, swimming in radical self love and self care while still finding my footing after the absolute ghetto that was the year 2020.   

My name is  Dhahabu Kweli, which translates to 'golden truth' in Swahili. 

'Ukweli za Dhahabu,' would then translate to 'truth of gold,' or just plain ol' Dhahabu's truths.

This is a safe space for anyone black. Especially, womxn, empaths, HSPs (Highly Sensitive Person/People), intuitives and prophetic individuals. However you identify with this sometimes frustrating, yet beautiful God-given gift that greatly colours and affects how we view and feel the world around us.

Welcome to my mind garden of love, laughs, banter, realness, wellness and necessary mindful life reflections. 

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